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Shali Sanders - Moon on Mattawa Studio

Hand Painted Sculptures, Cards and Giclee Prints

Shali Sanders

Welcome everyone! This site offers beautyfully hand-painted Buddha statues, gorgeous Giclee copies of Watercolor paintings and rich, dramatic Greeting cards. Purchasing any of these unique works for yourself or others will bring much happiness! Everyone Loves Buddhas.

Studio time is currently painting statuarys (they are created and poured by artisan friends) which represent the joy in us and the settling down. Take refuge in three dimensional beauty. Buddha statues emanate such presence and power and can offer us a 'resting place'. A simple glance toward your favorite Buddha will plumb-line the head and the heart! One can never have too many Buddhas around!

These art pieces come from the Moon on Mattawa Studio in small-town Massachusetts where we are surrounded by natural wonder. Art is a small give-back to those who appreciate beauty in all forms and we are honored to be a part of your life in this way.

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