Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my Buddha Statues?
We gloss all of our finished Statues with RUST-OLEUM 2X ULTRA COVER Clear Gloss Spray. As it promises, this product seals, protects and revitalizes and we find that to be true. We recommend that you spray your statue yearly, particularly if it is to live out doors all year long. You will have many years of enjoying our beautyfull painted Buddhas with a bit of effort for outdoor placement.

What’s a Giclee Print
The prints are all high-resolution with archival (long-lasting) inks on textured watercolor archival paper. They are on PH-neutral, OBA-free, thick, gorgeous 400 gsm medium paper. Each print will be signed by Shali.

How do I pay?
Pay by Paypal in our shopping cart system.

What about returns?
If there is a problem, just contact us as soon as you unpack your product and let us know what the concern is. If there is damage to the product due to shipping mishaps, contact us as soon as you receive the products. If there is damage to the statues, cards or prints due to negligence on your part, in handling or in improper packing for return, we can not make refunds. We want everybody to be happy so we deal with each issue personally and quickly.

What if my package is damaged?
Document the damages with pictures as thoroughly as possible. We have researched the proper packaging and work with the shipper to make sure your concerns are addressed.

How long will it take?
We try to get your purchases out as soon as we can. Please allow up to 3 weeks for Statues, as we often paint as the orders arrive. Cards and prints can arrive within 2 weeks time as well. You will be contacted as the products leave the Studio and head to the lucky person(s)!

Can I ship overseas?
International shipping is available through First Class International USPS and will be calculated upon checkout based on the shipping address.