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Appears in: Buddha Statues

This beautyfull Sitting Buddha is currently our largest piece. 

HEIGHT:  17.5" H x 14.5" W x 9.75" D

 What presence this piece has!  Due to the pouring process, there is an attractive "settling" and it exhudes an "oldness" that is both powerful and ancient at the same time.  We love this Statue. It is an honor to paint it each and every time.  This Buddha has a strong Turquoise/Gold glazing (layers of paint) and then a detailed Patina is applied to enhance the aged look. It resonates! Almost glows! Each one is a little bit different and gorgeous non-the-less.  Due to its size and weight, it evokes a sense of Ground that larger Buddhas do.  If this is the size you are looking for, this Buddha is the one. We have three of them outdoors surrounding our home in gardens and sitting high on stones. Magnificent!  They are weathering with more beautyfull tones as time passes.  The mail-person loves this Buddha!  It is polished with a glossy acrylic glaze that supports it outdoors or indoors.